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BACKGROUND. The burden and inequalities in mental healthcare throughout the world are critical important health issues, and taken together present immense ethical challenges. Also, one of the key Kenyan mental health policy rationales is to promote the rights of persons suffering from mental disorders in accordance with both the local and global laws. The COVID-19 pandemic, brought to light ethical challenges in relation to mental health that can arise when a health care system is stretched to its limits. Health professionals, social workers, and the public faced challenges. There has been an increase in suicide rates and or concern at the lack of support for mental/behavioural health needs for mental health patients. The dynamics of healthcare changed during the pandemic. In low income countries, these challenges are felt even more due to limited research and increased burden of mental disorders with perceived misconceptions on its cause and treatment. The rights of persons living with mental disorders translate into ethical issues in the provision of psychiatric care, which relate to the core ethical issues in psychiatry; Respect for autonomy, confidentiality, non-maleficence, beneficence, informed consent and boundary violation. In regard to this, health systems are faced with an important set of challenges: to improve the quality of care equity, relevance and effectiveness in mental health care delivery; to reduce the mismatch within healthcare delivery; to redefine the roles of health professionals and to produce evidence of positive impact on the people’s mental health status.


Our aim is to drive action and transformative, high-impact,
and scalable initiatives for specific challenges relating to
ethics in Mental Health care and research in Africa. These
actions should enhance the capability of African countries
to cope with the challenges they face and strengthen
policies pertaining to mental health care and research,
including equitable access to resources and stigmatization.
The conference also hopes to enhance the participants’
comprehension of ethical approaches to mental health care
and research, and build their capacity in order to take
action regarding its implementation in clinical practice and

ABN endeavors to bring together multidisciplinary experts in health; the environment and climate change; sustainability, justice and responsibility; natural sciences; policy and governance; social sciences and humanities from Africa. We aim to ensure that awareness, strong relationships, fostering innovation through bioethics putting bioethics knowledge into practice and collaborating for excellence and impact.

Call for abstracts Bioethics Conference Deadline 31st March 2023

The Hybrid conference will be held on the 18th and 19th of May 2023 at St Paul's university, Kenya. This global conference is facilitated by St Paul's University in collaboration with Africa Bioethics Network, BCA-WA-ETHICS II (, EDCTP2 (, University of Zaragoza ( among others.

The conference theme is - Mental Health Research, Treatment, Equity, And Stigmatization in Africa.

The deadline for Submission of the Abstract – is March 31st, 2023

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