Dr. Lillian Otieno-Omutoko

Dr. Lillian Otieno-Omutoko is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Learner Support, Open, Distance and e-Learning Campus, University of Nairobi, Kenya. With over sixteen years working experience at the University, she has refined her research, administrative, and project management skills. Her qualifications include but are not limited to Education, Administration and Planning, Health Research Ethics and Responsible Conduct in International Research. She lectures in Project Planning, Design and Implementation, Total Quality Management, Gender Issues in Development, Training & Curriculum Development and Research Methods. Her research activities include supervision of postgraduate students, conducting research in education, gender, management, project management, research ethics and bioethics. In her previous position, she was the Resident Lecturer in charge of Nyeri Extra Mural Centre. She also spearheaded the first publication and launch of African Journal for Project Planning and Management of which is the deputy editor. She is an accomplished author and a reviewer of journals. Dr. Lillian headed the Postgraduate Studies Committee at the University of Nairobi (UoN) for three years and is a social scientist with keen interest in bioethics in which she has focused since 2010. She is an active member of the National Bioethics Committee and University of Nairobi- Kenyatta National Hospital Ethics Research Committee. She also serves as the Secretary of the Bioethics Society of Kenya, Vice Chairperson of Research Association for Southern Africa, Member of East Africa Research Innovation & Management Association and International Association for Ethics Education.

She has undergone training in Responsible Conduct in International Research and Health Research Ethics and is currently pursuing a course on Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals. She is a trainer of Bioethics, Health Research Ethics, and Research Ethics. She trains researchers, health practitioners and Institutional Research Ethics Committee members.

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Africa Bioethics Network is committed to cultivating a culture and tradition of excellence in both fundamental areas in the society. The network promotes human rights and human dignity in all aspects of life with general benefits of the African society, as well as for specific intellectual purposes.

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