Prof Walter Jaoko

Professor of medical microbiology and tropical medicine, Director of KAVI and former Chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology at University of Nairobi. He has thirty (30) years’ experience in teaching and research in various aspects of infectious diseases transmission, pathology, treatment, prevention and control. He has published 166 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He also has 16 years management experience as Deputy Director of an Institute and Chairman of Department at the University of Nairobi, and 10 years’ experience in governance as a member and chair of several Boards. In addition, he has a keen interest in health research ethics, and received advanced training in research ethics through a Fogarty Grant of the NIH leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research Ethics from Stellenbosch University and Global Bioethics from Anahuac University. He is very passionate about clinical research and ethical standards in the conduct of health research in developing countries, and have trained research ethics committee members in Kenya on principles of bioethics, and on international guidelines and regulations of research ethics. His research areas include schistosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, HIV epidemiology, transmission and control, clinical trials, with a special focus is on HIV vaccine clinical trials and ART

Africa Bioethics Network

Africa Bioethics Network is committed to cultivating a culture and tradition of excellence in both fundamental areas in the society. The network promotes human rights and human dignity in all aspects of life with general benefits of the African society, as well as for specific intellectual purposes.

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